JPEG Virus

(Goofster) #1

just to warn everyone. A new virus has appeared that infects .jpg files. Just to warn you all, I dont want to encounter any virusses in your new artwork :slight_smile:

Go here for more info:


(S68) #2


amazing, but I don’t feel it like a big threaten.

YOu must get infected by the ‘infector’ half of the virus before you get vulnerable to infected JPEG, as the page you cite says it is a ‘proof of concept’ virus… You could have done that with any other file format… even .blend… maybe, but you need a separate piece of code for the virus to be dangerous, and that separate piece is an executable of some sort… and you have already your shields up against executables (at least you should :slight_smile: )

Nice piece of news anyway :slight_smile:


(sten) #3

hmm, in digital age everything is possible !! :o

but it did’t surprise me, this thing…I just wondered when it would accour…and now here it is !!! :frowning:

(pofo) #4

yep, now I’m just waiting for the airborne computer virus :-?

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