JtheNinja Sketchbook

(J_the_Ninja) #1

Hi, BA. Time for me to make one of these!

Going to fill the OP mostly with some bits and pieces to a project I’m working on. It’s a bit too unfinished for a regular WIP thread. (there will of course be other stuff in this thread over time)

EDIT: OP images had to be removed to try and trick the forum into using a better thumbnail.


(J_the_Ninja) #2

The IT equipment build continues. By the magic of linked libraries, here’s a few hundred servers rendered with a few dozen MBs of RAM. Each type of unit is linked to a source file, so, for example, I can add some doodads to the 1U server and they’ll all update automatically.

(J_the_Ninja) #3

Tonight’s doodle, a simple jet ski! Modeled in zbrush (dynamesh+panel loops), rendered in Cycles. (water is Blender’s ocean sim)

(J_the_Ninja) #4


I figured I’d throw the project files up if anyone wants them (note, it’s about 68MB download. Also, you’ll need to rebake the smoke yourself). http://dtc-wsuv.org/jclarke/koffing.zip

(J_the_Ninja) #5

This actually turned out much better than I was expecting it to:

I’ve been doing some rain/bad weather comp stuff at work recently, I wanted to put those tricks to work in something a bit more spooky.

(J_the_Ninja) #6

Pluto and charon! (at mostly correct sizes, yay!)

Lighting is kinda boring, I wanted to keep them more lit to show off the texturing work.

(J_the_Ninja) #7

Playing with smoke, sunbeams node, and some zbrush pratice

(J_the_Ninja) #8

Some sort of spiraling staircase.

(J_the_Ninja) #9

Lamppost, more texturing/comp practice

(J_the_Ninja) #10

Various WIPs/doodles from the past couples of days:

(Craig Jones) #11

Love the lines of the last one there

(wanilson_m) #12

This image is very cool. :slight_smile:
The fire got realistic!

(asmoth) #13

Just saw your thread thanks to the last addition, and some of your renders are impressive :slight_smile: The sea with fire is beautiful.
Are you going to continue the last architecture stuff ? Could be cool.

(J_the_Ninja) #14

Lava field from using the ocean sim with a stone shader:

@asmoth Not sure. I posted both the cathedral-type render and the cherry tree one because I’m not entirely sure what else to do with them. I’ll probably end up chasing some new shiny idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

(J_the_Ninja) #15

Finally got around to wrapping this image up. Been sitting on my hard drive for almost a month while I figured out what to do with it.

(J_the_Ninja) #16

Playing with the OSL planet texture some more.

(J_the_Ninja) #17

Some sludge critters at play. Debated whether or not it was worth putting in the finished projects forum. I figure I’ve submitted worse in the past though, so why not. Posting it here too for posterity.

(J_the_Ninja) #18

A doodle from a few weekends back I forgot to post. I’m always terrified of flooded doorways you have to dive underwater to get past…

A tribute to the old “vortec space” wallpaper from Windows XP

(Ace Dragon) #19

That second to last one is very unusual for something rendered with Lux (assuming you’re still using it). Maybe work on how you can increase the variation in the details.

The image of the stairwell also gives a nice feeling of vertigo, though the steps in the middle tier look a bit blurry (as if a denoising filter was applied without enough care).

(J_the_Ninja) #20

Textured a sword model from a failed project from awhile back. Also wanted to mess around with the carbon fiber tex from this month’s Substance drop:

@Ace: whoops, never noticed your reply. Sorry. I don’t really use Lux anymore (I think it’s been almost 2 years since I used it for anything serious). Pretty much everything in this thread is Cycles. If you’re referring to the wall variation on the sunken hallway, that was sort of intentional laziness. I was trying to see how good of a scene I could knock out in one sunday afternoon.