Judy Alvarez /Cyberpunk - critique needed

Hi everyone,
first post here and I figured I’d start by asking help right away. Started learning Blender this year, and I feel like I’ve made some decent progress. I’m mostly interested in modelling characters and such, so that’s what I’ve been focused on.

Started this Judy Alvarez model (from Cyberpunk 2077) way back in april and I’ve been working on it on-off, been kinda frustrated by my progress. I’m aiming for a stylized look, but I’d still like to have a decent likeness. Those are two partially conflicting goals, but I think there’s room to improve here. Don’t want to make the facial features much more realistic than they are atm, but I think there might be some facial characteristics or something on the original model that my eye is just missing and that I haven’t been able to translate. That and all advice on making appealing stylized characters in general is welcome as well.

Here’s the actual model from Cyberpunk for reference:

So yeah, any advice on how to tweak the model a little bit more (or a lot?) before going to texturing and such? Thanks in advance, I feel like I’m a bit stuck here and can’t really pinpoint what’s off with the model as it is. Haven’t done work on the model in a few months but would like to finish it at some point if I can get it to where I’d be happy with it.

p.s. I’ve posted more of my work on insta at Yearinblender, if you’re interested
p.s.2. The model is all done by me, but I’ve been massively helped by TomCat Modelling’s fantastic tutorials on youtube, which explains why the facial topology is way better than what I could’ve been achieve by myself. Gotta give props to the guy.


It looks nice. The light is not helping to see it clearly, but the forehead looks a little too squarish to me, compair the two models in profile view. Try to match the eyes likeness a little more, the amount of white showing, the way the pupils meet the upper eyelid, how much the iris is showing, the flowlines and angles of the eyelids. Maybe you culd mess a bit with the proportions to see how it ends up, I would make smaller nose and mouth. But one thing that could help you is to have a style reference. The same way you have a reference for the likeness find one or some for the style.

But don’t worry. You can always move on and come back when you have more skills. But if you do i’d idvise to start from scratch again, you’ll do it faster than the first time and prolly learn something new in the process. Peace :v:

Thanks! Good spot on the forehead, definitely looks off.

Will do a little bit of work on this next week and post progress in the thread.

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Your first character? Well done mine looked not as good.

First of all i dont like the subsurf effect in eevee and it might even be too high.

The head could be formed more feminine as you can see in the reference the head is a bit longer and the top is not so wide.

The lips are looking like a doll to me. The lower lip is on the left and right side not that round (the red). The upper lip has a more distinguished cupid’s bow (the bow in the middle to the nose).

Not sure how much stylized you want it but the eyes are too big and i just notice that the mouth is opened which should not be the rest pose.

The eyebrows are only round on all sides, but in the reference they are at least on the inner side quite blocky.

The hair is more in steps and not so many long hair strands, that’s especially helpful in stylized hair to show it.

As already said the light could be better and i guess you just used the standard hdri? Try rotating them or changing to one of the others.