Judy Hopps (with blend)

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Hello everyone!

Spent the last couple weeks working on this character rig, and I’m finally happy with how it is looking. The hair was fighting me every step of the way, especially when it came to the deformation of the head mesh, but otherwise things were pretty smooth. Learned a lot from that at least.

Full Res here

I’ve uploaded the rig on blendswap here

Anyways, I has a ton of fun making this, so hopefully you guys enjoy experimenting with it just as much!

Criticism is always welcome :slight_smile:


(awdiks) #2

thank you for this …but i can not select any object on Judy .why?

(Safetyman) #3

Nice work – thanks for sharing!

(Yanal Sosak) #4

Voted 5 star, you deserve it!

(julperado) #5

Looks great! Thank’s for sharing :slight_smile:

(Lime) #6

Really good work, going to download it and have a look at the rig :slight_smile:

(sundialsvc4) #7

Nicely done. I would add a Disney copyright-acknowledgment to the corner of the shot, however.

(Fabricio Mira) #8

Great work, thank´s for sharing!

(Splatypi) #9

@Yanal Sosak
Glad you guys like it!

Technically speaking this is not a Disney owned copyright, as I used nothing of their content to make this, so that would be erroneous. Still, an acknowledgement would be in order I suppose. I’ll be sure to add something of that sort in the future.

(bb3d) #10

Wow, your model comes really close to the original from Disney, awesome work and thanks for sharing this with the community!
Could you please explain what kind of problems you experienced with the hair and how you solved them?

Zootopia is a great movie BTW, highly recommended :slight_smile:

(Splatypi) #11

One of the challenges was simply tweaking the hair material to look accurate while rendering in a reasonable time. I couldn’t use transparency in the hair shader without at least doubling the render time, and that would have helped with smoothing out the transition between the ear hair and the ear skin. As well, transparency helps with making the fur look soft, so getting the parts with shorter hair like around the mouth to look acceptably soft required a lot of messing around with density, length, thickness, and noise values.

As I hinted at earlier, making the hair look good while moving the underlying mesh for parts like the eyebrows was a hard. That is because the hair’s styling might work well for one position, but another might cause things like hairs randomly sticking out. Fixing that just took a lot of experimentation and brushing the hair in many different poses to fix the odd stray hairs.

Hopefully that provides some useful insight.

(bb3d) #12

Thank you for the info. I don’t have any experience with hair in Blender yet, but what you explain sounds very similar to the problems that occur in almost every other 3D app when making hair/fur.
I am still impressed by the amount of detail in that model. How much time did you spend to make this?

(joeyq1) #13

Technically speaking the character “Judy Hopps” itself IS owned_by/copyright_of Disney, it doesn’t matter if you made a 2d picture/poster on paper or a 3d one. If you sell this model on for example Blender Market you will most definitely get sued by Disney or get a DCMA. If I made a doll of Mickey Mouse, I “technically” made it but I sure as hell won’t get it to be sold in “Toys R Us”.

(MirceaKitsune) #14

OMG… this is literally as accurate and detailed as the original version by Disney! Phenomenal work there :cool:

(Chad Gleason) #15

Oh god I hope this discussion doesn’t turn into a stupid argument about copyrights.

Back on topic: Nice model and great fur! I’ve always been hugely impressed with Blender’s grooming tools and fur rendering (unless you try to motion blur it… ugh).

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(Ace Dragon) #17

It’s close enough to the movie version of Hopps that many casual lookers would think it came right out of Hyperion, not Cycles (heck some here might think that if not for the mention of it as a Blender work).

It really seems to show that Cycles is about there when it comes to material and lighting capabilities at least (now for the rest of the set such as better displacement, better motion blur, and better performance for those areas that are still considered major bottlenecks).

(Haki) #18

Thank you! She looks fantastic!

(blipblipblur) #19

Just want to say a very well done on this, you can tell you put a lot of hard work when browsing around the blend file.

And can I also say thank you for sharing the file as it is great fun to play with and a real treat to pose.

Keep up the good work.


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(rombout) #20

mn this is so cool! i was looking at some artwork of this movie today and then i see this in the top row…
very nice and generous of you sharing your model, respect to you sir