Juggernaught Class Destroyer

blah. this is the start of my latest WIP, the juggernaught class destroyer, which will be mostly a plasma and missile ship, built for anti frigate and corvette operations. (this is only the first part of the wip and only have half of the main body) enjoy!


ok some more stuff added…not much more to say


Looks pretty good man! Maybe a little too shiny and smooth to be in space but other than that it is good!

yea thanks. i am reducing the spec right now, but its unbeleivibly hard to get a nice balance though! and the smoothness, well the juggernaught is one of the newest ships in my universe and is very sleek but thanks for the tip.

added some guns, reduced the spec a bit and some other stuff…


turned on AO with 10 samples, its starting to look nice (in my opinion) but it is starting to eat at the rendertime. oh well…its worth it.


a test with 16 samples.


Interesting model, but I don’t like the shape. It looks like a big box with cut in the middle, I personally like more extravagant shapes for spaceships (but not that useful). For now, don’t mess with AO too much, 6 samples are really enough and later, when textures are be added the noise won’t be that visible.

I agree partially. Simple designs can be quite cool and they are certainly more realistic. But your design is just a bit too simple.
Why not add some superstructures or other stuff (like a nice old-school bridge module)? Of course this is still a WIP and most certainly you still have some ideas where to go with this ship.

BTW: Your posted images have a lot of black space around the ship. Why don’t you zoom in on your ship. That way we could see all the geometry and details much better.

Simple designs can be quite cool and they are certainly more realistic.

This is true, but to tell the truth, more complex shapes, additional parts and loads of funky thingies is what makes spaceships more visually attractive. A film scene with large boxy spaceship suddenly destroyed when there is nothing else is boring.

But iliketosayblah has recently made more spaceships, so this is only next model, which looks as it looks. Not bad, but certainly more realistic (if that can be ever said, because nobody know what is a realistic destroyer spaceship…). Better to say more functionalistic (or how it is said).

yep, had to do some thinking to fix this problem, and my idea is to build a second “outer hull” that will loosley cover about 50% of what i have now, i will get right on it. (the outer hull will also be quite sleek) it maybe be alble to break off aswell

before i make the outer hull, i have got to finish this bit first…updated the engines and added a front thing.


You got great details there- can’t wait to see finished piece. Last update changes a lot- model starts to resemble spaceship at last (to me- lay man- it was “something” without them).

thanks! i am glad to hear that my ship is turning into a…ship…i never thought i would type that!

He he he- sorry, I did not ment to be negative. As I said- I am not much into SF so probably I am just missing something that’s obvious for others. In any case- it shows you got plenty of skill. Will surely keep an eye on that thread

no, you wernet negetive, i like a bit of some constructive crit, anyway, it was kinda funny and i kinda knew it didnt resemble a ship to start with.

ok, added some missile laucher to the front now, bringing the total of the hardpoints to 68! (wow, 68 missiles per shot!, ouch!) and added a sensors array at the bottom which is not visible in this render, i am rendering one now…


Now it looks much nicer. The front part you modelled added more aggressive look to the ship and it is sleek now. Reminds me a train to some extent… or a submarine. Maybe it’s because I’m more used to those than some flying boxes. Nice creation!

thanks, aggresive is what i was after!

i have added some smaller launchers to the thingy and done some more work on the sensors array.


several minor tweaks…see how many you can spot!