Juggernaught Destroyer

i think it is safe to call this finally finished. i am not too worried about the colour scheme, i can just change it whenever…

hope you like it!


lets hear you guys’s opinion on colours and i can render you a custom one, if you want

Well to be honest, the details on that render can hardly be seen, and from what I could see Id say the hull texture needs some work. And hmm oh yeah, what are those things at the bottom? those tubes, they confuse me.

And if I were you I’d add stars in the background :slight_smile: (easily done with blenders internal star feature)

blender stars!? ewwww, to be honest the blender star feature looks bad. anyway, the render is probably too dark, so yeah, i will have another go at levels in photoshop, make it a little lighter. there is no texture, if i did that it would look horrid (im no good at textures). and finally those tubes are some sort of fast traversing between the front and back end of the ship.