juggernaut-bot (finished)

well, ive been working on a couple projects lately, but this one is up against a deadline, so it has my attention right now.

this is for another rave. once again, called ‘into the darkness’ the sub theme is ‘sign of the juggernaut’. im constructing my juggernaut right now, the scene is less a big deal. but im hoping it turns out to be as provoking as it is in my mind.

id love some crits, thoughts, or tips. not sure how much ill be updating the thread. i guess it depends on the feedback or questions i get.

what do you think?


:o Thats what I’m thinking right now

So far you nailed it in the bullseye. I imagine this is only part of the completed robot (due to the pistons on the bottom) and that you are in the process of making the legs.

No crit right now because its incredible. (I have like a bigger render so I could inspect the tiny details you have made.

So far its awesome modeling. Good luck for your deadline (when is it? So I know when this project is going to be done :D)

thanks for the reply!

yeah, torso, legs, and forearm/hands to be done… not to mention wiring

im also reworking certain things and trying to get rid of unneeded verts.
deadline is in a few weeks. a lot of work to do :frowning: in limmited time. ill get there. no big render for a while… this takes about 3 min so i wouldn’t want to go much over that when i could be using the program, you know?

thank you for the compliments, keep watching. im hoping i turns out pretty cool.

Would really want to see it in situ to make a crit about it. The only issue I can think of is how well it would work in the scene. As a standalone it works very well.
Modelling wise it is very nicely done. Incredibly stylish. Dunno if removing the verts is an issue as it seems quite clean based on that render.

Damn nice piece of work and I will be following the progress.


I´m just wondering if you have any kind of concept art?

same for me!

nice detail moddeling, i actually cant give any crits!

It looks amazing. The only problem I have is from looking at it, I have no idea what it is or what part of the mech it is :stuck_out_tongue:

chimpoid: thank you, i hope to make the scene work (more than) well with this hefty guy. thank you for the complement, please do stick around =)

m-k: thanks me too :wink:

bigbad: yeah i have alot. about 4 chicken-scratched pages full. i dont think youd be that interested. kind of low on my hand drawn standards… very rough. thank you.

lsoldier: thank you. your looking at the head and shoulders which give way to the arms. no torso yet, but very soon. i have two pages on torso design :smiley:

minor update:

still roughing out the connections between arm pieces and missing parts on his right side.

update time, man stuff drops fast around here lately…

got the arms mostly done. still need to flip some parts over x-axis to the right arm, but ive been putting it off because i dont feel like setting up the tracking yet. kind of in a modeling mood.

i went a different rout than i had originally decided on for the ‘hands’ i kind of like the tentical look, although i think that some beefing up is in order. im using paths to dictate the curve of the linked pieces, then using dupliframes. however when i try to render them this way. i get silly black artifacts randomly placed and oriented over the mesh (random because each time its completely different) and about half the time blender crashes. so i played around and made all dups real and it solved the problem. the only bad thing is. once i do that i cant easily edit the tendrals any more…

its not really more than an inconvenience at this point but still, any ideas?

i still have a bit of work to do on the arms/hands and then im moving onto the torso…

any way here you go:


Seriously…that is some great imagination. Hold on to it!

thank you very much… im trying

speaking of hold, now comes with super grip action!


Thats Insane modeling!

How many vertices so far?

The juggernaut seems to get inspiration from some sort of octupus or squis for the tentacles. Organic and yet incredibly mecanic. Incredible!

No crit only encouragments!

is it possible to give him two different hand tools? symetry gets quickly boring.

i have to agree with the modeling. great copncept. what is your inspiration?

Slèpnyrl: thank you for the compliment, that is really what ive been going for. i wanted it to be humanoid, but mysteriously non human in origin. im glad to see im hitting the mark =)

oh, and just over 300k so far, ah the ever climbing vert count…

cekuhnen: thank you for the push forward. youre right, i think the asymetry would be better. for some reason id overlooked it :expressionless: .
my insperation comes from the name and theme of the rave it is for and, well , my brain… no url if that’s what you were asking(?)

thank you for the encouragements

no problem, thats a common problem. you get familiar witrh the piece and slowly you start not to see faults in it.

i show my work often other people to see their reaction and hop eth ey will find faults in it i did not see.


update time! ive done body work. needs to be intigrated into the rest a bit more. but figured id post the progress. the pelvic area is more of a place holder at the moment, but the posture is getting close to how i want it. the trouble im running into is that the head jets outward, pushing the center of gravity forward. well the legs have to be directly under that center, so im trying to get a strong look without having a wormy core shape. also the right arm is different, the left has not changed but because of the error it causes during render i opted to leave it out at this point. ive got 10 days to go… im trying to puch this out as quickly as possible now.

any comments or crits would be greatly apreciated.
claas: find me some faults :wink:


Now that is what I call detail in a model. Very, veeeery well done. Nothing to criticize (well, perhaps a bigger render…).

Amazing. :o

Very nice work, keep it up!!

I do miss the tenticle hands though, perhpas you can incorporate some tenticles in some other place? Either way really great stuff. B)

Must fight the urge…grrnn…don’t make the joke… :smiley:

Phew, managed to hold back. Now to business.
The structure is looking incredibly nice now that the torso is in place. I get a lot better idea of where you are going now. The model looks very aggressive and I am guessing that’s the look you are going for.

With the crotch driven forwards to allow for the legs sittting in place it’s going to be a pretty “masculine” stance but that will only help define the strong feel that the model has. I was pondering the legs (I’ve been gawking at the lateset update for the past 5 minutes).

In my opinion, right leg forward is going to give you a good stance. Left leg forward will create the impression of a striding movement. My only worry is that with both legs level it might take on the appearance of a chunky butler. :slight_smile:

The angle the head is at could give it an almost apologetic or meek appearance if the lower half of the body is not posed in a dynamic stance.

Other than that no crits to be made, the textures are superb despite a slight grainy feel to the image as a whole. The detail is fantastic and you can really take the time to enjoy the image as you view the details. The narrow waist/torso is a stroke of genius, it adds a feeling of agility to what might otherwise be seen as a cumbersome model.

Things are definitely shaping up well and I look forward to further updates.

Keep it up