Juicy Cycles

An attempt to use Cycles for commercial illustration and product visualization (labels).

Splashes and fruit all modeled and sculpted in Blender.

And a Maxwell render for comparison :smile:


Really well done! :scream::open_mouth::star2:

Really great work! Did you not use fluid sim for the splashes?

Thank you @_NOva!!!

Thanks @mcurt09!!! No, I modeled the splashes and refined them with sculpting. For the drops, I used hair particles to get the direction and then moved them around a bit.

Excellent attempt

Love it much :slight_smile:

this is really amazing

Thank you people @Horizon1 @tjindy @alf0 for the encouragement!!!

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Nice, the bottles alone already look like professional products but what really takes the cake are the label graphics. Usually these kind of labels look like they are hastily mashed from mixed stock photos in photoshop but you really went the extra mile there.

Actually, this started with the fruit and splashes for a commercial project. When the job was cancelled for internal reasons, we thought, why not finish the initial labels put them on bottles with juices and smoothies and stuff and have a nice portfolio work for future use? :wink:
Thanks for the appreciation!!!