Jujst Jugs

Hey there!
I was recently working on my paper for school about photorealism, and here’s a little result I experimented with.
software: Blender 2.65 + Cycles + Blender compositor,
postpro in PS5 (little color grad. + fixing some annoying texture seams )
counstructive critique please! :slight_smile:

when i look at the image i can not decide what you wanted show, i.e. the focal point is not clear (the two highlights on the jugs compete with the coins(?)… decide which is your center of interest, and reduce the attraktion to the other correspondingly. for exampl, if the coins are the essential, reduce the intensity of the highlights, which also would reduce the contrast in light/dark on the jugs…
the bumps on the jugs seem be stronger than those on the floor. this does not feel right… the border floor/wall is absolutely straight, that is not realistic, add some variation, only minors will suffice…
overall i like the image and the topic. colorscheme is very pleasing to me, and expresses warmth. i think when you work on the focal issue you get a great image.

These are pottery, the texture looks more like rock. You should be able to at least an indication of the lines made from human hands smoothing this out. It is also rare to find something like this with one handle.

Love the wall and the floor textures.

Thx guys so far! :slight_smile:
my render is kinda based on http://www.ancientresource.com/images/roman/artifacts-roman/roman-jug2125a.jpg so that’s why just only one handle
and the bumped surface is kinda wanted since I wanted it to look more like old and stainy though it’s far not perect

oh i see, reducing spec should help a lot on the jug texture (and i still think the bump is too strong compared to the references)

i agree with doris, and also, the coins don’t look like gold to me, and the one leaning against the jug seems an unlikely position, so is distracting from the other parts of the composition.
(edit) don’t sit on that rock for too long, or your butt could get frostbite

thanks so far! :slight_smile: anymore?