Julie Power Learns to Walk

(Daniel Hudd) #1

Animation at http://danielhuddleston.home.mindspring.com/julie.mpg

I know it needs to be slow down, but other suggestions are welcome. A couple of things that mystify me: Although this is compressed quite a bit, the shimmering on the ground textures and the flickering stars were present in the original output. The other thing, is that the UV texture providing the symbol for Julie’s uniform suddenly changes at one point (you should be able to spot this right near the end of the cycle).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW: once figured out, NLA ROCKS!

(paradox) #2

very nice. Did you use noise in the ground texture because if you did that would cause the flickering because it is different in every frame but there is a noise plug-in somewhere that may be better.

(Daniel Hudd) #3

No Noise textures, unless Cloud textures count. Checking the blend file, I used three textures on the walkway: the image texture (doubling as a bump map) a cloud texture using soft noise sized down to zero (to create granitelike specks), and a cloud texture using hard noise sized to .078 (to scatter a little dust over the whole thing).

(kaktuswasse) #4

Well, it is very starchy. The body doesnt move up and down, the arms
dont bend. At the moment it looks more like a roboter :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, keep on doing, i think it’ll turn out very good!

cya henrik