Julietta (concept design)


I wanted to share a recent project I designed in Blender 2.9. I call it the H6 Julietta.

You can find out more on my Behance page: https://www.behance.net/gallery/110235331/H6-Julietta-CGI


Just wanted to share some of the behind the scenes process. This was also posted in the WIP forum. You can see some of the early design body shapes and ideas that where being tried. H6 - Julietta (Automotive Concept Design)


The detail and the renders are incredible! Other than a render which has a bit of grain it’s 100% photorrealistic. Also, it seems to be you have used more of a Rhino-type software workflow? Guess I’ll head over to the WIP thread, I’m really curious :slight_smile: particularly about the panelling (gaps grooves and such)
Amazing work!


Okay, this is perhaps the most badass/sexy looking ride I have ever seen in my entire life. And this is coming from a dude that has been salivating over sexy sports cars since “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Cannonball Run”… Dang! This is near perfection! Bravo!

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Incredible stuff! This is why I joined blenderartist.org.

4 points by quickly glancing at the incredible design.

  1. At the back wheels why is there a small piece for no apparent reason?
  2. The back window / roof isnt a complete elipse it is somewhat pressed down (I hope I make myself clear)
  3. Why are there winter tires mounted :grin:.
  4. In the interior the midconsole displays will lead to so much glare it would be dangerous.

It’s better than that I could ever hope to do, and I. Must say it looks production ready.
Ps I owned an Alfa Guilietta :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks Man,

Honestly this is all 100% blender, but I guess in a way you could say that. The goal has always been surfacing quality, so that starts all the way in the beginning. But always evolving my technique for sure. Nothing about what I do is taught or really shown anywhere that I could find for car design in blender.

On this one, I went heavy on boolean cutting for panel gaps out of a solid body shape. Not shown here, but I have a separate boolean/shrink wrap collection folder where I store all my panel cuts through the model. Those are nothing more than the door shapes, headlights, taillights, quarter panels at about a thickness of 3mm-5mm depending on what part is being cut out.


thanks! appreciate the kind words!

Thanks TRS. Not sure I follow on some of the questions but I’ll try to answer:

  1. Not sure what piece you mean? You’ll have to be more specific. If it’s the fin just behind the back wheel at the bottom, that serves as a styling detail and redirecting airflow behind the wheel (sort of a spoiler.) If you’re talking about the grill, that would be a heat exhaust for the rear mounted engine (fans inside to blow hot air out). If it’s the square shape behind the wheels, that’s just a punch out for a future possible additional light option or some type of side sensor.

  2. That is intentional in design. The window curvature gradually slopes at a steeper angle into the body to create an air intake in the back and a design feature to create a more interesting design.

  3. Winter tires? hah not sure I follow. Technically the car was designed around Michellin Pilot Sport 4S. Except for style, I show them stretched in the renders.

    Front: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 295/30 ZR21
    Rear: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 315/30 ZR21​​​​​​​

this is how the wheels are designed originally. I didnt use them because I wanted a lower profile look.

  1. Yeah in real life that would be a different material. But for the shape to show up properly in the renders, I added more shine to define that shape better.

some close ups


Overall great design and great renderings.Only the interior looks not pratical to me.The speed console in front of you looks flat angled and small,you should use the whole space from the left fan til the middle console.The middle console is a great idea and i see your point of design,however i think this is too much positioned to the back.I would see the whole middle console as a wide display in front of you,if that makes sence.
I have seen that you are useing curves for modelling.I am curios how you fill the polygons,have you a tutorial link?


Super tight render. I feel like there is some balancing issue with the reflections in the car paint. Yes a lot of R&D goes into making carpaint shinier in high end paints but somehting about it feels wrong with the environment. That could just be lighting also. The last couple top down renders you posted look the best to me. Good job all around.

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thanks. In terms of tutorials I dont have one. The process is somewhat unique to me. I do describe it a bit in a blender nation article I’ve done for two separate projects if you’re interested in reading it.

Honestly Im not really much of an interior designer. It just sort of happened as a conceptual need for something more than just an exterior. But in real life, I wouldn’t expect it to be built this way at all.


thanks Thornton. Yeah I think it’s more in some of the HDRIs ive been using. Im trying to hunt high quality ones, but those come with a pretty decent price tag, so Im sort of reusing the ones I have and trying to find ways to light the materials better.

What kind of HDRIs do you need? there are a lot of good ones on hdri-haven and I am a lighting artist too so if you need a studio shot I might be able to help whip something up to your specs in blender and pump out a 360 render for you to use. Up to you. Let me know. I would love to help any way I can depending on what you need.

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Perfect. Really amazing renderings!

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Damn, that’s a nice looking car

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Thanks man!

Thank you!

Thanks for the offer. I’ll have to think about what hdri that could be. Honestly I’ve been really interested in really good dark warehouse scenes. I wouldn’t make anyone model those details. At that point I’m thinking it would involve some serious scene building

yeah thats a bit more than I would bite off for studio lighting but most warehouse car shoots still have artificial lighting in real life. If you find one that you want tweaked let me know. And look at HDRIHaven. They have a few warehouses.