Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use blender’s newer walk cycle feature except for a jump sequence? I ask because I don’t seem to get any results after trying to… I guess I just need to know if it’s possible.

nice… got it working. It was just picky about what bone to use as reference. Anyone have a good explanation for what bone you should choose on the walk cycle feature? I’ve always tried to use something like the pelvis bone, but other times it wants something else…

Another question I have is why I can NEVER manage to get rid of that choppy changeover between repeats… I’ve tried every logical solution, like starting the strip off a few frames to compensate the jump over and not repeating the same frame at the beginning and end of the action cycle… nothing works.

ive never actaully gotten the nla walk cycle thing working but froma ll the people telling me how to do it said u can probably pick any bone for offset.

that, im thinking,. is just something ur mind is catching for some reason, probably cus ur the animator and getting real picky about every little imperfection, so i dont think u can realy do much about it, but one thing that might cover it up is to turn on motion blur wen ur rendering, its easy to turn on, its in the render plane and its with the render seetings like OSA and raytracing but the button says “MBLUR”

As long as it’s the root bone for the armature, so the selection is a bit reduced :cool:

To blend the actions nicely together, you may have to change the extend mode of the IPO-curves.

Which extend mode? I’m guessing cyclic (no?). And will EVERY bone in the walk cycle need to be changed? That’s a lot of bones… could take a while.

I often run into situations which the root bone doesn’t work for offset. It’s usually then I try using a pelvis bone or something.

I am using a little motion blur for this project, but with nodes instead, much more efficient :slight_smile:

And though I might be picky, there is definitely a noticeable jerkiness to the cycle that needs to be addressed. I’ll try this extend mode suggestion and hope it works.

havent tried the nodes one, sounds hard to me

It’s actually not. Blender’s nodes system has gotten a lot of updates to the nodes in recent releases, many of them make the process easier. The nodes system is probably one of the most powerful things I’ve found in the software so far, check it out!

did u make sure to keep the first pose fo the cycle and the last pose the same? except the last is in a diffrenet location of course.

ide like to check it out, any links?

General stuff about composite nodes:
Vector blur with nodes here:
And you can read about defocus for DOF here:

Doing things like depth of field and motion blur with composite nodes can reduce render times drastically. Sometimes I’ll see like a 95% reduction in wait time when using a lot of blur.

Plus there’s all kinds of techniques to do cool effects like making an object glow (as opposed to using halos, which can kill production time).
(as seen by member j in this thread )

Or for instance, simulating a specular flare seen in cameras that leak a little light. You can also perform simple color correction to a scene or individual render layers etc.

There’s also cool lighting rigs you can use to makes it easier and faster to make adjustments to the scene without having to rerender at all, like this:

And an awesome thread on node effects:

Trick is to just use nodes along with renderlayers and the blender world is your oyster. Hopefully all this info wasn’t too overwhelming :wink: Hope you find it useful.

Yeah, same pose.

can u post a blend then?