Jumped the shark?


I’m working on a concept and need help. I want to create a nice print of my sone in a Pixar-ish style. Here is the reference image:

And attached is where I am so far.

I am not looking to duplicate him - just get the essence of the boy thru. If I continue, I will place him in a proper scene with clothes, etc.

I have yet to add eyelashes and probably more bump to the lips, but again looking to get a pixar, fun, cartoon-ish style rather than realism.

The final expression should be more of surprise.

Any suggestions are appreciated as I’m tossed whether to continue with this one or not.



Since your son is such a cute little guy, I did a quick edit to give you an idea of where I think you should go. Children in the cartoon world, like Pixar, are defined by small little faces with big foreheads (and of course big eyes!). :wink:

I think you have a good likeness there. If anything takes away the resemblance it would be the jaw line, you modelled the cheeks more puffed out and the chin too far from the mouth. Your boys ears stick out a little more - but he may appreciate them that way later.

I would probably adjust the eyes a little. Where you have magnified the eyes for the cartoony look you have an edge that runs parallel to the nose, I would angle that out a bit at the top following the real eye shape more and maybe pinch the outer corner a bit as well.

Ran13, Yup - I see where your going with that - I think I’ll play with the shape of the head a little.
LoopyShane - thanks for the input, yes his jawline is a bite off. I’m having trouble with perspective - I think I need to play with the camera focal length some more.

I’ll post updates -going for cute not creepy. :wink:


Okay - Thanks for the input. I’m feeling better about this now.

Thoughts on this update?



Another update - lashes, smile, etc…


nice job so far! the nose should be a little bigger, the face should be shorter and the lips look a bit girly… it looks a bit like hes wearing lip gloss

Larger eyes. In infants the eyes are very large (in comparison to head that is) and these attributes should be maximized 10 fold if it’s pixar like.

Update. I added some more detail and reshaped the head a little. Working on the clothes now. The clouds are placeholder but I think that will be the background.



i would go more for the cartoonish style