jumping and holding

Does anybody know any technique for a character to get holding to a wall.
I mean if I’m close to a wall and I jump …how to make my character to get hold of the upper edge of the wall and hang there?
Constrains or something else?

I’m afraid I don’t quite know how to do that, but awesome idea! Maybe you could use a touch sensor that triggered a scripted constraint…?

You could do this by using a force to balance out gravity when your player reaches a position you want him to hang from. You can add Ghost objects to sense when he is at the correct level.

You could also just add an invisible plane, so when he jumps up he lands on it and looks like he is hanging there. Then when he lets go, you just do object end on the plane and he will fall down?

could work. smile.

Also, there is a blend demo of magnetism here someplace. You could make the top of the wall magnetic and make the players hands magnetic… so when he jumps up and those hands grab and touch the top he sticks.

I have the file someplace but really didnt spend time understanding it at all.

Just make seperate the top of the wall from the rest of the mesh, and give it a property. Make it so when your player collides with this a boolean for “hanging” changes to True. When that is true, give him a force on global z equal to gravity (9.8 default). Also give him a forward force to make him stay on the wall. The boolean property will allow you to play different animations and movements when it is true. Finally, put an Always sensor on the top of your stack of logic bricks to change the boolean back to false when it’s not touching the part of the wall with the property. I might be able to make you an example. If you wanted to make your character climb walls dynamically, like in Assassin’s Creed, you’d need quite a few more logic bricks. But even that could be done with little or no scripting. Good luck.