Jumping into CUDA


Recently I’ve changed blender render in favor of cycles but after making some simple model with a few light sources a big wall appeared called performance… It appears that my current PC is not only old for newest games but also for renders with reasonable time.

And so I’ve decided to make some upgrades here and there and leave Radeon for nVidia. What is your suggestion about Graphics Card and CPU in reasonable price?

My first notice was EVGA GeForce GTX 950 FTW, later on GTX 760. As for processor, Intel i5 but can’t say exactly which one.

I’m looking for good compromise between GPU performance in Blender and ability to play, let say, Witcher 3 with ~30 fps.

I’m looking forward for suggestions, thanks!

GTX 770 4GB fits ok, if you want to render complex scenes don`t go below 4bg on GPU