jungle worm

finished at last… im glad i can move on…


[edit] hope that’s a bit better, thanks for the tips guys [/edit]

perhaps a bit to much motion blur ? i don’t think all the great details you’ve put into this image are being shown with all the blur.

I agree with Nephets, could you give us a render without the motion blur? Except for the helicopter blades.

hm. nearly there. i agree about not seeing all the excellent detail you have put into this. i think just a bit more work on the lighting will work to give the atmosphere you are after. a simple sun lamp for a directional light, to define the time of day, and emphasize the depth a little? ( or just turn up the intensity of your key light? maybe turn down the edge softness? ) the worm looks flat, like a game rendering.

also try a blue tinted hemisphere light, with a low value ( .4 ? ) to add a little fill, so you can see the little details, especially on the helicopter, which shows no detail on the underside.

also, the greenery is maybe a little too green. you could break it up a little.

maybe i should have been quicker with comments in the critique section? sorry. great work, and a great subject. very cool. :smiley:

jim ww

I just saw the critique thread and the finished thread at the same time. One thing that is really missing from your final render is all the detail work you put into the inner structure of the worm it’s self. Perhaps make the organic parts transparent a bit to show it off, or use that script that fakes light filtering though skin, not sure what it’s called but would really make the body of the worm come to life and hopefully show off that great modeling you did. Other then that drop the motion blur, it does little to enhance the image, except maybe in the helicoptor blades but even then it looks too sharp. Over all its a great piece. And I know you want to move onto something else, so if you don’t want to I’d understand. B) Keep up the great work.

nice work but the green sludge the wor comes from. Needs a bit of attention

i actually agree with all of you, but i have lost all love for this project. and i cut a few corners for closure. realisticaly i never really had an idea of how it would look, and it did come from a small thought. i have much bigger and more ambitious one to look to. im glad that you all liked the concept, and your encouragements to improve upon it aren’t going unheard. i just need to direct that attention to other projects now…

thank you all

cool and ick.

—I agree that the motion-blur wipes out some detail as well…and at times -when looking at the picture- it seems that the propeller blades and the monster both cast a shadow on the sky…as if the sky were just 2 inches behind them…

Cool - I like it
Id suggest maybe a couple of more hills in the background to balance out the lonesome one on the left?