Hi there. I started this project to boost up my hard surface modeling skills. I modeled it entirely in Blender, I worked on it on and off for 3 months. Final result was rendered in 3ds max.

Bigger resolution:


A version rendered in Yafaray (renderer integratable with Blender):




And some closeups:




http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/ba-rating/rating_5.gif from me!
I like the yafaray version more, in my opinion
Great job!

Wicked sick!

5 stars no question. Great GREAT work!

Brilliant !! Looks like a steampunk mummy

This image just fried my brain by its sheer awesomeness and detail!Five stars!
(BTW,how did you manage to organize and model all of this so cleanly?Can we see wires?)

Dilopho DD - Yeah, the white version shows all the detail better. The gray version turned out well in the closeups though.

clewer - Nothing fancy here. Mostly plain Subsurf modeling, a lot of splines to make the cables… well, the custom cables were a bit more tricky - they are made using splines and array modifier. The spine is array modifier also.

I already posted the wireframe above.

Awesome! Just Awesome! 5 stars indeed. I would love to see this model textured. :smiley:

Maybe someday, not now for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, great job. Works like this are a great inspiration for me.

Beautiful modeling indeed, and I agree that it’s crying for a good texturing job to finish it off.

Very nice. I love the wide hips, knees and shins…Great work.

can’t wait to see it with textures… thumbs up!

Very cool model ! keep it up, will you add textures to it?
see you

I like it a lot, however it doesn’t look very junky - it looks almost too clean (if it’s supposed to be made of scrap).

If you’re not worried about it actually looking like junk - it is amazing though. Otherwise I’d make it less symmetrical, less clean, add a few more jagged edges.

incredible detail. 5 stars
can i ask why you used 3ds max render instead of blender?

I admire the technical skill put into this, and the overall design - very appealing.

Great work!

Thanks all.

seanser, Chimpstar, ledd - I suppose I will take it out of the drawer and texture it some day.

gedditoffme - Well, not scrap, more like parts that are found and don’t fit together 100%, and are tied up with bandages and wires.

wysiwyg - I tried to duplicate that look in Blender, but failed. It was made using this tutorial.

I haven’t stopped by and commented on something in a long time. This one is just exceptional. Fantastic work. Love the wires too. Very neat and clean work.


Wow! I nominate this for the gallery! I haven’t seen another example of hard-surface modeling this good come out of Blender.