Junkers Ju-87 Stuka

comments please!


good work Jerad…this is a tough board to get comments/suggestions at times. maybe a close-up of some details

The control surfaces look a little wimpy. If I’m not mistaken, WWII aircraft usually had large control surfaces.

Welcome to blenderartists, Jerado. looks really good, but I would agree that the control surfaces look small. Other then that maybe try turning on AO, or generally playing with the lighting.
Generally if you tell people more about what you post you will get a better response. Also asking questions that haven’t been asked a lot or answered by the wiki is probably the best way to get feedback/information here.

Looks like a pretty good model. However, if you were going for accuracy, aside from some detail I could point out, the overall bulk of the shape is much too fat. It should be narrower; more like a skinny cigar, if you follow me. Below is a good reference to show what I’m talking about. But critiques aside, welcome to Blender Artists!



thx everyone! ya i have ajusted the tail of the plane makinking it longer because it was to short, and yes i will have too ajust the lighting. Also this is one of my first plane models lol so i am pretty new to it, im doing this project for school we have a smll animation cource that my drafting teacher was able to get goin this year so i will be updating everyone on how my progress is and ill continueto post pictures and hopefully the final product but it is very time consuming. so thank again for the tips and i will be sure to keep all that in mind as i am continuing to model it.