Junkers Ju 87G-2

Hi everybody!

Me newest model - Junkers Ju 87G-2 for Milviz Inc… Not scene but some kind of catalogue photograph. Interior is in low poly version (not subsurfed yet). Modeled in Blender of course…






That is incredible. Thats all I can say…

I’m amazed. purely amazed.

wow man thats crazy delisouce… man i cant spell. GOOD WORK

Sweetness. Love the model and plane. Can’t really think of any crits outside of it not being in a scene. Should get in in the air with a few others and make it look like they’re diving.

4 stars.

I weep with amazement.

This screams for an animation of it exploding!:wink:

Fantastic model!
I am not sure of the green shade of the ground though…

Amazing detail, these models are just fantasic :). But the specularity seems a bit off IMO.
Great job. 5*'s

Outstanding! A wonderful example of one can achieve in Blender!

gallery?what more can i say. i agree with tracer tho.

Amazing Marek, great work!

Great attention to detail with the modeling.

I do feel you could push the textures a bit more though. They seem very flat and could use a spec map to make it look more panelized and painted metal than it currently is.

Very good work though.


I am starting a plane now you should make a tutorial.


Thx for comments. I agree with crits about renderer and lacking in materials. In fact materials (besides colour maps) and renderer setup were very simple only for show model. I had only few weeks for finish it, so at the end (16 hours per day with Ju 87G-2) it was drivin me crazy :wink: and I decided to not go go to far with setting up lights, materials etc. Maybe in the future, when I’ll have more time I’ll back to this one, but now I have next work to do on the similar level of details.

WOW man you really are talented. I really like Stukas. have you seen http://military-meshes.com/ You art belongs there, not saying that you should post stuff here! I have made a couple of airplanes but nothing like this. keep up amazing us man!

Wow Awesome! Wire? Me wants to see how you modelled

very good model, although the texturing and overall lighting need more work. Texturing is as important as a good model, particularly in this kind of work. You need bump mapping to break spec and there are many other interesting tricks to use with this stuff. for instance an spec map with slightly different gray value from one panel to another, and such. I enjoy texturing aircraft as much as modelling. I hope you find time to finish it better. I could also recommend you a SCW scheme for the stuka, a “Battle of Ebro” one for instance. Regards.

Now that’s impressive stuff =). Only crit may be that the spec and hardness of the materials look a bit too uniform. In other words, the whole plane looks a bit too smooth.

Good stuff. I wish I had that kind of skill =)

Excellent level of detail, expecially the inside, but as BgDM and others said materials are a bit off… looks too uniform, like if only colour changes from one material to the other. Indeed it looks like a plastic model :slight_smile: