Just a crate

Hi I made a model. It is very simple really. I just want to know what people think. Is there anything really wrong with it?


Also, quick question.

Are all hotkeys mapped to some menu button, or are there some functionalities that can only be accessed with hotkeys.

Also, the online reference is a little out of date? It doesn’t mention the translucency slider in the shading>material>shader panel.

Most hotkeys have menu equivalents, those that don’t you probably won’t need till you know all the rest by heart.

Yes, the docs are also an open source project and there are some things still pending and some things so new people still have to get to them. But Elysiun has a Search function!


The crate looks fine. I notice that the top is not detailed like the sides (no diagonal beam, no planks), but I presume that’s what you meant.

This kind of question tends to belong in the WIP Forum.

The documentation is currently a work in progress on the Wiki because of the radical updates Blender has received lately, so to find things the best bet is to use Search and Google like Fligh %< suggested.

Hope this helps.