Just a few questions about blender

This all may have been covered before but i thought it would not hurt to ask for those of use that missed it.

*blender is a great program, so why is it offered for free, the least expensive 3d program i have seen is about $250, so even if blender were sold at around $100 they would still make a ton of money? So why is blender free?

*i hear a lot about the bleder creator Ton. Does Ton frequent elysiun, and has he ever posted any of his own art here? what is his nickname?

blender is a great program, and i’m so greatfull for it, but i’m also curious about this powerfull software and were it has come from.

thanks in advance

its free because its free. it became open source a time ago and it became like you downloaded it. the goal of blender is providing a good program to a big public

there is some history at www.blender3d.org .

ton roosendaal doesnt come much here. he is mainly a blender developer. his username is ton.