Just a few questions

Hi there. As you can see I’m new to Blender and also to the world of 3D art. I have some experience in coding (only C++ as of now). I would like to design/make a game, typically for PC. I have a few queries about this area:


  1. I am going to use Blender (because its free :D) and also UDK. Is that all I need in order to make a game?
  2. Would knowing C++ help my on my adventure to learn computer language? I looked around internet and bottomline is that if I am going to use those 2 softwares, I should know UnrealScript and Python for Blender. Is it possible to make a game without knowing those 2 languages?
  3. Overall, would I just need to make the art/models in Blender and then export them in Unreal Engine?

There were other questions that I wanted to ask but cant remember them. Will post them up when I remember them.

  1. You’d probably also need an Image Editor (like Photoshop or GIMP), an Audio Editor (like Audacity), and a code development environment (Visual Studio, XCode, or at least something with syntax coloring like BBedit) as well.

  2. Yes, knowing C++ is pretty foundational to all coding. Most other languages share a lot of common ideas/methods with C.

Yes it is possible to make a game without using Python or UnrealScript, if you coded the whole engine yourself from the ground up in C++ or used another proprietary game engine like CryENGINE, but since those (blender and unreal) are the tools you chose, you will have to learn them.

  1. Game development never quite goes exactly according to plan. You may have to find other tools to fix problems that arise. But I think in general, yeah you could probably get a lot done with just blender + unreal engine.

I do have visual studio and was learning their language a few months ago. Why do I have to use this? Is it like to create IA? Im currently learning how to use blender and the unreal engine so far. So I doubt i’ll start getting into making it anytime soon. Also, do you have to be good a art in order to make a 3D model? I was looking at some on youtube and they were pretty good…

If you’re planning to make a game all by yourself you have to be good at everything: coding, modeling, animating, imagery, audio, you name it.

Information Architecture? I’m a little rusty with acronyms sometimes.

Anyone can make a cube. But it takes a pretty skilled person to create something like an anatomically correct human being or a complex mechanical engine.

So yes, you do need to be good at art to make good 3d models.

I second this. Making a game all by yourself is a really really ambitious project.
In general, if you’re good at coding, you’re probably not all that good at art. And if you’re good at art, you’re probably not that good at coding. There are exceptions, but somewhere in their lives most people have to pick one or the other.

There is no harm in learning or trying, and I would encourage you to. But just keep in mind “it ain’t easy”.

Oh sorry, I meant AI (artificial intelligence) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yh, I might just continue and improve my C++ skills, and then move onto Java and then Python. My main priority it to have flawless programming skills. So, I guess I wont be making any games anytime soon. Kinda figured out it would be a long way to go to completely make a game… I am good at maths and apparently there is evidence that if your good at maths then theres a high chance that your rubbish at art :confused: Not that would discourage me, just saying.

So I might as well learn programming and then know how to use Blender and then learn unrealscript as well as using the unrealengine. Btw, whats the easiest engine to use? The only reason why im using unreal engine is that I heard its easy to use as well as its a good engine. Look at what games uses the unreal engine.

Ah. AI is a bit beyond my knowledge. A code environment is kind of a grand fallback for everything you can’t figure out how to do in unreal.

It’s got it’s own quirks and hard-to understand things. But yeah, unrealscript is a pretty safe bet for a learner. Plus it does help if you’re looking for a job in the games industry to have experience with unrealscript under your belt.