Just a few works in progress and tests

I’m relatively new here, and I’ve been learning, forgetting and relearning Blender for the past few years, but lately I think I’ve been getting better, so I thought I’d post a few things I’ve been working on!

This is a rough version of the loading docks in the factory / warehouse I work. I’m planning on redoing a few things (namely the bay doors and the latches under them)

Just learning how cycles works- (yes, I found the battery unwrap on Turbosquid, but I only wanted to try multiple materials on it,shhhh!)

And a cassette model I was working on until my old hard drive crashed!

Edit- and one last thing, I’ve been using Sculptris for sculpting and this is just something I started with no real direction.

Thanks for looking, and any feedback is helpful. :slight_smile: