Just a kitchen with a magical fridge to wonderland

Hello everybody,
introducing my work from last days, I would love to hear some thoughts about it to get better in what I am doing, for now I am pretty proud. :smiley:

Thanks for the attention.


This is indeed a nice image. I love the colour transaction from left to right.

There are some things to improve though:

  • some parts of the kitchen are a bit to simple and could use a bit more detail, like the wall on the left top side to which you could add some variation or subtle dirty spots. The window is a bit to simple as well imo adding some depht with for example a frame might help.
    The floor does have more variation making it look quite nice.

  • Also the edges of the drawers and the fridge are to sharp imo. It seems as if you haven’t used a bevel modifier. Try using it, with it you can rounden of the slightly to make it look more realisitc. Simple but very effective.

  • Finally you could make the blue colour of the windows more interesting by using a glass material for them and using an HDRI for the background, so that you can actually see a sky through the windows.

I’d love to see any improvements:)

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Hi Allard,

sorry for the late reply and thanks for yours! :slight_smile:
It took me a while to understand one specific thing about your answer, so let me shed some light over my picture:

The window you see is only light that went through a window on the other side of the kitchen, so behind the camera. I wanted something to the left of the kitchen, in this case the sink and the towels and on the right side I wanted another light source in contrast to the fridge and in my opinion the indirect light through a window you don’t see gives this a more dark and atmospheric touch. Also I didn’t have to model anything outside an actual window in the darkness of the night.

And I actually struggle now to touch it again and set a bevel becuase I would have a lot of rework to do, probably. xD

But thanks anyway, I took your critics very seriously up until now in all the work that followed. :smiley:

This will require a little bit of skill to set up, but you could make a separate scene attached to a different renderlayer and use the compositor to really make the fridge look like a portal.

You can make the mask by creating another object and giving it a number for the object id pass. Of course you will have to open the door a bit more to make the world beyond visible.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Ace. Though this is a set of skill I sadly do not posses at this point. But I will keep that in mind. :smiley: