Just a little photo-realism test

I was trying to make a water droplet with photo-realistic qualities. How did I do?


The water droplet looks nice but the edges of the leaf look dead straight for the somwhat bumpy texture. You might want to try some subtle displacement for the leaf.

Here’s some tips on water rendering:

  • No diffuse
  • No specular
  • 100% transparency
  • little reflective (actually this two values should be balanced to %100 but this is CG so…)
  • IOR 1.33
  • Some Fresnel for reflection is nice, needs to be more transparent than reflective when looking at it directly
  • Big square emitting diffusers to reflect something in the water, can be lighted with bright spot lights (the planes not the water) for better effect
  • A plane in the back or a sphere with angular map (hidden in renderlayer) can be used for more reflection eye-candyExample Setup I
    Example Setup II