Just a ring


I had this idea with cubes. Then I played with volumetrics, then alphas.
Finished with the compositor in Blender.

Final version:

In progress version:

Some screenshots


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It’s currently recommended to stick with Cycles if your scene depends on refracting materials, because it’s not at all easy for a raster engine to support many layers of it.

Both engines have strengths and weaknesses, Eevee can be better if you want to do animation and Cycles dominates in realism.

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Well, in fact, your answer worries me. There is much hype about EEVEE, its the New stuff. I have followed and read much. Some videos mencioned accurate refractions. Now the manual of Blender 2.8 clearly states limited refractions. And I said, this is sad, i did not say it is wrong… (Emotions, the word sad refers to emotions, because emotions are very important to designing in 3D)

Why is this sad and why your answer in fact minimizes the problem… Well, I am part of a billon dolar industry, and I have a specialized YouTube channel in 3D jewelry design. And BLENDER is a very important matter for thousands of jewelers. That is why you can’t just come and tell me, too bad, stike to CYCLES. Refractions are more important than you can imagine. Actually there are softwares that mimic refractions in a fast and lovely way.

So, my answer is: EEVEE actually does not have many layers of refractions, but we are going to find a creative way, and tricky way if necessary to mimic refractions in better ways… Because, well, I cannot just state and accept that EEVEE won’t serve for refractions, nor should the BLENDER TEAM shorten and cut the matter like something that can be minimized… We are thousands of jewelers passionate with BLENDER, and easy or not, a way will be found for EEVEE to master refractions.

Getting Eevee to where it can do nice and deep refracting effects will be a challenge from a development standpoint (as this is just a very tough problem for fast scanline rendering tech). Eevee’s best best here would be for it to embrace tech. similar to Nvidia RTX and use actual rays for such effects.

On the flip-side, Eevee’s node-based nature means that transparent objects can have faked dispersion effects, something that was very hard to do with BI.

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Thanks to your answers, I took up the task ASAP to achieve a diamond material in EEVEE. You motivated me to push things further. I hope you will agree that the resulting material achieved the goal.