Just a thanks and a Merry Christmas wish.

Finally a much anticipated Xmas present. After more then three years work by volunteers from around the world including computer artist, programmers and administrative types the new Blender has arrived. With the entire code changed and rewritten from the backend forward.

Do I need to add these men and women did this in their free time. And, who in the hell has any idea how many. Since many simply picked up the mantle to check existing code for several days or weeks and then disappeared back into their own life. While GC artist made suggestions with their needs in mind. Some of those being programmers also. Not to mention users who took the time to document and report bugs.

Who knows why. Programs even resembling this cost two to five thousand dollars. And, of course without this program many a talented kid would simply be hanging out there like many public schools who use it in their graphics classes.

And, yes in this old world at the present time it has amazed me from day one. That a bunch of volunteers from New Zealand to Africa would slip in and out to make this happen as a open source program. So while it is a much anticipated Xmas present I would just like to say thanks. And, Merry Christmas to all those folks with a mindset all to foreign now. We evidently now live in a world once again engaged in the argument over the distribution of wealth. Yet, these folks, these volunteers, are somehow the Christmas spirit. So once again Merry Christmas to all the people behind what I’m looking at when I pull up Blender. Just damn amazing.