Just a WIP

Just want to say that you guys have been posting some awsome games and models lately…as a lurker here, I have definately seen an increase in the qaulity of content!

As I have not shared a single piece of work here, I thought it is about time!!:D.
I am just about about done with this model but if you guys can give me some good feedback, I can still make some changes!:yes:

The model is my representation of a steampunked Trojan horse…I will probably use it in a platformer, but only when I get some time to work on that! It is 1150 faces(2156 tris) and im using 1024 textures…Diff,Spec and Norm. The normal map I generated with the Gimp!

Other than overlaying some textures in the Gimp…I would say 99% of my texturing was done in Blender…Only the second time I use Blender as my main texturing tool, and I must say I am finding it very usefull!

Oh…the images are just screengrabs from the Game Engine…except the wire shot is just a plain screengrab from the interface!

Anyway enough rambling on!



Amazing work!:eek:
Are you going to use this model in a game?

Hi…Thanx vicmax! :slight_smile:

I am working on a game Idea where I will use this model…but I did not make it strictly for that purpose! This is my first attempt at doing something steampunked, so it was was a great learning curve!

Wow look really low poly, good texturing! you should put a bump map on that…:wink:

yeah, really good textures man

Hi Zarnik!

There is a Normal map on the Horse…It only comes to life when the object starts moving in the GE! :slight_smile:
Here is a pic of the Horse with only the Normal map!

Thanx konoha


You could make a specularity map so you could put less spec on the rock and wood material part of your model, really like the mechanical rodeo horse, I can already see the steam leaking off the valves.

Hey Mico27
“really like the mechanical rodeo horse”…LOL it will be a very uncomfortable ride…but could make a real cool game idea!!!

About the Spec(thanx for your comment)…the Spec map is still a WIP…here is an update with some work done on the Spec!..Bumped up the metal parts and pushed back the wood…etc.

Also pushed the normal map a bit…still letting that sink in…not sure if I like it close up.

You did a good job with that learning curve! :eek:

Wow how many faces is it?? :open_mouth:

Great model and texture, keep up the good work!!

how do we get spec norms etc I know where to find it but how exactly to apply it like you have and then gimp a texture and end the textures with blender?wow your great love it!


Thanx all for the cool comments…!!:slight_smile:

What Name…Thanx…Quite fun to do Steampunk! Will do some more soon I hope!

Zarnik…1150 faces…I optimized as much as I could without altering the shape to much from the concept…I never use to work from concepts before about two weeks ago…but after I saw the advantages, I dont think I will model without concept drawings again…it helps a lot to optimize and plan your model before you start. I think 1150 is not light for the Blender GE but quite light in the bigger scope of game engines!


logunwhite 321…Thanx…would love to answer your question but unfortunately there is no short answer! I hope to do some Video Tutorials soon, …I have been struggling witht the same questions and I think more people are in the same boat…the new Blender Game book will probably shed more light on this but a few video tutorials will be helpfull I think!.

That is incredible work for so few polys. You have the potential to create an amazing game without lots of polygons.

Thanx Cyborg Dragon!!

BTW I put a small vid of the model on vimeo!:smiley:

Here is the link… http://www.vimeo.com/2525240


Amazing work, continue with this level of quality and your game will look top notch.

That is an amazing model! You should make a chess game with it haha it would be cool.

Myst…thanx so much!

JESUSFRK14…Thanx…Cool idea about the chess game…think a steampunk chess game would rock!!!..Maybe something for a future project!

OMFG! This is amazing for that few polys! Really nice texturing. You’ve got a mountain of potential. No… TWO MOUNTAINS! Really good job and good luck.



it’s got ghusto one qeustion tho how dose it walk?