just an idea...

(Ecks) #1

I think it will be great if there was a function for the private message that send one to all member…so when you want to annonced a site or something important then all can view it!

(Dittohead) #2

moderator only function.

why? because it keeps everyone from spamming each other!!!

how do i know? i’ve got my own forum on my network.

(acasto) #3

OMG yeah … please only moderator. Imagine if someone got mad at the community and wanted revenge. And what happens when a forum all of the sudden has over 1500 PMs to process. (that’s if one person sends only one message!)

(Timothy) #4

yes,… this is not a good idea to have for non-moderators :slight_smile:

if people have a new website, made a new image, released a new blender, etc etc etc they can post that in the according forum (that’s what they are there for). So people interested in it will look at it.


(S68) #5

Yup, no point for non-moderators… only nice feature would be a buddy list as in old blender forum, so that you can post the same PM to those 10-12 buddies of yours who are in your list and agreed in receiving broadcast PMs by you…


(Timothy) #6

yeps,… a new private messaging system is on the list for the new elYsiun. It will combine the best of this message system with the best of the bim system of blender.nl.