Just another 3D fun/tool online...

If you could please provide a bit more information in your post, that would be appreciated. Just coming in with a linkbomb doesn’t really give folks a good reason to click… or discuss what’s actually being linked.

Sure, commercials uber alles ))

Normally, I’d say a link to the website should be sufficient, because the site is supposed to give a better explanation than whatever a forum poster will type up.

In this case, that’s not true. This link is a login prompt and the website itself gives little information, as well. Instead, it asks me for registration. On this matter, I’d like to ask everyone a few questions:

  1. Are you significantly less likely to try out software if you have to register first?
  2. Do you prefer (or are you indifferent to) the fact that this software only works “in the cloud”?
  3. Do you prefer (or are you indifferent to) the fact that this software only works in a web browser?

Personally, 1) is true for me and 2) and 3) are literally dealbreakers - I will not use such software. Then again, I see this whole “website app” thing as a trend and I realize that other people might have different sensibilities. I’m genuinely interested in everyone’s opinion on this and I’m not going to debate you on it (pinky promise!).

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Forcing me to register without good information first is a dealbreaker
Web based apps like this seem gimmicky. I’m not sure who they are for, you know? I think the OP got it right in the title, it’s for fun, I guess. Seems like the play dough of 3d software, you can have fun playing with it, but it isn’t a highly effective tool for making anything.

yes, no, no @BeerBaron

  1. I don’t sign up for anything unless I know what it is.

  2. Cloud storage is a deal-breaker for me. Client work especially is not going on a server outside my control.

  3. Browser apps (and a lot of VR stuff for that matter) make me think of that line in Jurassic Park about everyone wondering whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. I’m not against them necessarily, but they have to be better than what I already have rather than significantly worse.

Gotta pass on this.

here’s some more (not much more) info: https://vectary.com/

anyway I agree completly with xrg

if I would ever need to do any 3d related work and was able to use browser, there is portable blender on my gDrive with my presets loaded and all necessary addons, as well as many other programs. It was meant to be pendrive backup/alternative turns out to be better solution.
back to topic, cluoud based tools have oportunity to provide means for collaborative work and presentation layer for easier communication with clients, so it is not all evil
www.onshape.comseems to be more interesting project, but it is for CAD users…

And another pair. Older, tested, used…
lagoa & clara.io

It is an interesting app - testing it right now - I did not mind to sign up first.

But this is nothing like Blender - I would more call this a child bewteen wings 3D and Blender with
tools good for being used in HTML

All of those tools has something in common, a good/simpler UI , at least better than blender’s. xD

You can afford to have a simple UI when the only thing you can do is model…

Yes and no. Blender never tackled UI issues like inconsistencies.
Maya has many tools but it is orderly organized. Blender is a mess.

I need to figure out that edge piping command they have - that one looks pretty fantastic.

I am using Maya, Houdini and Blender, now if i have to be honest, NONE are really organized how i would like it to be.

However, and to be fair, although Maya has the shelves and pies etc., Blender is lightyears ahead with its coherent non-occluding window management. I wished that in maya after opening 50 windows, LOL. The same could be said of Houdini, the node system is unbeatable, also lightyears ahead Maya and Blender together. So… now to say Blender is a mess… i dont think at all… :slight_smile:

The program above is IMHO a nice and simple experiment, but advanced modeling ? No.

Speaking of cloud applications, has anyone used this thing: http://www.cgchannel.com/2013/12/new-autodesk-initiative-puts-max-and-maya-in-your-browser/ ?

It is a mess.

Object Dimension is only shown in the Properties panel not in the Object buttons panel.
Other object data is only accessible trough the Object buttons panel.
Edge weight is only accessible through the Proprieties panel.

Ideally Properties panel should be a shelf to show a selected array of tools / functions
you should be able to find in the other menus.

Most commands can be found via the command line - but not all.

Maya UI can be fully adjusted - some functions in Blender are not accessible via Python so they
cannot be shown somehwere else.

How the UI works with all the windows elements and such I don’t care and mind - many just complain
about an app not looking like another app.

I am only talking about the fundamental chaos in how functions and here and there shown resulting
into your mouse moving around needlessly.