just another fbx-export-2-unity thread

hi there,

the fbx export in blender (2.57) is driving me nuts.
i created 2 actions and exported as fbx. after that it seems like blender has played the actions one after another for export. this wouldnt be a problem but in unity my 2nd action starts where my 1st action ended. why is this and how can i solve it?

here is my blend file…
i have two actions: LeftArm and RightArm
in unity action LeftArm works normal. Action RightArm starts with LeftArm already up.

please help.


simpleactions.blend (468 KB)

my thread got moved to ‘other software’ but i am pretty sure it’s a blender thing.

can anyone confirm please if it’s normal that after fbx export the poses stands on on their last keyframe?

haven’t anyone exported more than one action to unity via fbx?