Just another kitchen



Hi guys, I started learning blender in january with several turorials, this is my first project from the scratch and I did learn quite a lot, starting with some reference images. The only things I didn´t model are the two plants on the windowsill, the one in the corner and the stuff in the paperbag. The images are 2000x3000px, rendered between 1000 and 1400 samples with cycles, denoiser on, filmic blender. Postproduction in Photoshop with color efex

(alf0) #2

this is so beautifull ,so detaild and will made , nice work


Something is seriously missing. Where is the blender?

Just kidding. These are some pretty cool renders! :slight_smile:

(kalish) #4

Nice work friend, you used the bevel modifier correctly. And your effort made your scene look pretty decent. I Would work a little bit in the materials, but that’s not a bad thing in your scene. And i’m really impressed you did model all the furniture, sometimes is common people use pre-made assets in this case. But congratulations! Keep sharing with us your wonderful job! Cheers


hey guys, thx a lot for your feedback. I did this project for practice, but as a beginner I underestimated the time I´ve had to invest and from week to week I found more things I could optimize :wink: so I decided to make a cut. I´ve struggled with some of the textures, the smears and fingerprints I did add on shiny surfaces are barely visible and the floor doesn´t look natural to me, but with all the experiences I did gain my next project will benefit… cheers Greta

(kalish) #6

For a beginner project you made look impressive, don’t take those critics in a bad way, you sure has a talent and has a good learning attitude. We are always evolving.

(schuylines) #7

Your flowers are remarkable. Did you follow a tutorial to make those, or is that pure talent? Either way, I’m going to say again, they’re beautiful.

Did you use bump node and displacement modifier on the floor? I find those two elements are critical for wood. A good mopping pattern also makes a great albedo overlay and roughness addition/multiplier.


If I remember rightly I watched a tutorial on flowers, but then I tried to find my own way and did several things different… regarding the floor I´m not sure, I tried so many textures and none really satisfied me, but after having learned for 6 more months I would do it in a different way to achieve more realism…