Just got Steam for Mac, want some friends. :)

Hey all! While I know some of you post here and actually get paid to make awesome stuff, some of us are still kinda young, enough so that we don’t actually have jobs. I want to pursue 3D animation as a career, but so far, I’ve gotten no job opportunities. Which is fine, since I haven’t even graduated high school.

So for now I’m more of a hobbyist, and in my downtime, I like kicking back and utilizing some of the creations of other peoples work. In specific terms, I play some games.

And with the recent addition of Steam on Mac, I made my own Steam account, instead of using my Dad’s. Since it’s new, I have no friends. My Steam ID is DividedSpleen, so go ahead and friend me. The only games I have for Mac Steam so far are Killing Floor, and Counter Strike. Well, those are the only multiplayer games.

I’m just lookin to chill with some people who are into the same interests as me. Go ahead and friend me, and maybe we’ll set up some games. :slight_smile:

the only multiplayer game I have is altitude demo(I don’t have extra money for games right now).I just got steam and don’t have any friends either. My steam name is mcguinnessdr in case anyone else wants to add me.

Hey, I’ll add you. My username is Toybox, and I have the Cheshire Cat as my avatar. I like Cheshire Cat.
Obviously. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if that is Counter Strike Source you have, check out Fortress Forever.

It’s free if you have the Source SDK, which comes with Counter Strike Source and other Source games.
And no, I’m not an advertisement bot. I just wanted to have a game in common with Spleen :stuck_out_tongue:

did anybody see if the source engine based mod games work as well on os x?
insurgency, and others?

Since I was away getting my passport photo taken, and wasn’t able to reply, you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmmm. Run into a bit of a problem. Counter Strike keeps quitting on my mac. Any ideas? Its weird, all the Half Life 2 game work fine, but counter strike just quits itself and TF2 freezes my computer. errg.