Just installed - Test render

Okay, it may not look like much yet, but I’m considering using Blender for future fan film projects. Currently our artist team uses MAX exclusively, which has some obvious limitations, so I deciced to pull a little Star Trek-ish opening shot on Blender:

USS Voyager Opening Flyby [20sec Windows Media, 1024x576, 2,33MB]

Intrepid Class (USS Voyager) by Sarod (http://www.pp.htv.fi/khamalai/)
Music by Justin R. Durban - Edgen Productions
Rendered with Blender 2.45 (Internal)
Post-processing with FXHome Vision Lab Studio

Still a few comments of my own:

  • I’m aware of the field artifacts. I set Blender to field rendering, but when I wanted to re-render in a correct fashion, it crashed. I’ll set up a new animation and render a 720p clip later today.

  • The camera is leading the ship by a few degrees. That was somewhat intentional, but some movements may be too fast right now.

  • I’ve made a few slight modifications to the original Voyager, most notably adding an Armature for the warp nacelles (more on that later) and blinking nav/strobe lights. And the name decal is now properly illuminated!

I don’t have much to say:


Pretty cool! just one crit. I like the lighting, but it’s not realistic. In space there tends to be very hard lighting (bright highlights with a sharp transition to completely black shadows).

Correct me if I’m wrong (which I may be) .:wink:

I,m thinking you’re right seeing as there arent near as many objects to reflect light as there are on a planet so yes that assumption is correct, or at least i think so anyway.

As for the animation, it was nice except for the lighting and hmm, fast moving ship please :slight_smile: And I didnt really like the fact that the camera was in front of the ship so much. Still nice job for a first timer.