Just looking for feedback on space render

Hello, moving to blender and practicing with tools right now. Wanted to get some feedback on first major render. Mostly concerned about composition of scene. Thanks!


looks nice.i like the stylized look with the river, hills and desert waves,and atmosphere.the planet appears a bit small or the landscape too big proportional.

I tend to agree. When you design your scene, "of course, you are the artist," and therefore you have complete prerogatives … but please work to make all of your decisions blend together. For instance, “both planets are ‘bumpy,’ but the Earth-planet is very out-o-scale.” Try fiddling with the geometry there, making it more in-scale … (if I’m 25,000 miles up, those mountains must be 25 miles high …)." And then, give a little thought about your spaceship – having wandered into a solar system with a “funky planet” and its “funky moon,” why, this spaceship just looks like “something straight out of [corporate] NASA!”

But hey … let me backtrack here … it’s a start, and it’s a very good start. The lighting on each component looks good, and there’s a good sense of relative brightness among the three components. The composition is “classic triangular” and very clean. The treatment of “blue atmosphere” around the edge of the Earth-planet is very effective. What you have done here … you have done very well.

Thanks for the feed back! I would like to move on from this project as it was really meant as just an intro to blender for me so I am going to avoid redoing the satellite. However, since the planet was made in substance I was able to just tile it some more without issues and get a dirty render out. I do see what you mean about scale now. Looking back at the old render it does seem way to big even for a stylized piece.

I will probably avoid reducing the scale more then this as it brings in artifacts unless I use crazy amounts of polygons.

looks more believeable now.you can add a cloud layer if you want.simply make a sphere, that is a bit bigger than the planet,and make a material with a transparent shader and the tex shader into a mix shader,and the cloud tex into the mix shader fac too.

Was thinking about that myself! Will have to try once I’m back from work.