Just my Face

errm… yes… i didn’t have time for blender, so just a simple photo :o


You eye is red! Are you stoned?! :slight_smile: Seriously, awesome work and beautiful face.

no, I’m not stoned :stuck_out_tongue: it’s because of the make up … i lighted it up a bit, it was worst before :no:

edit: i changed the eye


Very beautiful.

Your Photogenic !

Nice pose. You did a good lighting But I think you need to tweak it more.

Yes, it is simple photo…

omg, you are beautiful :yes:

Heh, I think our friends from this community are having a hard time believing that a girl using blender would actually be beautiful.

That is actually a very well done photograph. Now if you could submit something more, it would be nice. :smiley:

are you SUUUUUURE thats JUUUUUUUST a photo?! O_o
seems WAYYYYYY to perfect
and if it is just a photo, then…wow…

i did some edit, yes, but that’s normal nowadays, isn’t it?
i changed the background to black (who wants to see a f****** brown door on it?!) and i added some blur and brightened it a bit to get that effect of good exposition … because i have a very bad camera… cheap one from the homeshopping channel :frowning: just 3 MP and not really fine… so i needed to do some changes

why can’t blender using girls be pretty? do you think they are all nerds ,…er ok maybe they are but they can be beautilful if they want to, i mean if they don’t eat pizza all the time, do some sports (or play wii XD).
Maybe you guys think so because there aren’t many girls, but there are some, and they were there from the beginning :wink: look at her:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace she was the “first programmer”

maybe i’m in the mood to do some more, maybe not… first of all i have to write my java and networking exams, then I have some more free time

dont be so offended, it has nothing to do witth you being a blender user lol
its just hard to imagine such flawlessness
ive only seen skin like that on people who bathe their face in makeup, or in digital art, posters that have been retouched, and commercials but then this is just a photo, so thats why its shocking

you have to use good make up to get smooth skin on a photo and so i did, i made the make up for our school theatre club and everyone got make up for the show :smiley:
but i have a clear skin allready, so some can call my lucky :o

Why don’t you create a 3D model of your own face? Should be very cool. :yes:

I’m in love. Will you marry me?

If you need help doing a 3d model of yourself, come see me. I’m pretty good at modeling live nudes!

Wow. Very beautiful. Stunning eyes :eek:
Simply amazing


EDIT: John99, that’s a bit unnecessary…

Wow, gorgeous O.O
Just have to comment, was a bit surprised xD
So beautiful ^-^

I agree with the idea of making a 3d model of your own face =)

tweak it more?:no: phhh…you dont need to do anything to that picture…its perfect;)

can i have your number?:smiley:

i have a feeling i shouldnt be here…taking off to die and bleed

This is comment sexism. It’s one of the many perks of being a member of the female club on internet forums.