just out of curiosity...on the fly snapping?

k. just out of curiousity (well, mostly out of need)

i have a coupla questions about on the fly snapping.

  1. does anyone know anything about plans to add it in the near future?
  2. how hard would it be to code? can it be done via, say, a script?
  3. what kind of synergy do u think it would take to motivate an ‘on the fly snapping’ movement

ok. 3 may be a little much - but i think modeling certain things would be WAYYYYYY faster with on the fly snapping - specially if u wanna trace an imported object…

<plzzz dont start talking about how blender is not a cad program blah blah blah>

question 1:
Ask at the developer forum on blender.org

question 2:
It would take some work to implement. I don’t believe it can be done with a script.

question 3:
don’t know.

specially if u wanna trace an imported object…

Why would you ever want to do this?? Just copy the object.


It could be done by script. Blender already has code for converting mouse clicks into coordinates in 3D space and then mapping them to parts of the object, or we’d never be able to select objects / vertices / edges. You could probably hijack the selection code and convert it to Python to implement snapping. Basically, snapping would just mean moving a point to another point when they’re close enough, which is essentially what the right-click selection code does by “snapping” your mouse’s click to the closest thing.

I’ve seen the snapping thing used in Maya loads… It’s a really useful modeling tool, and if someone did manage to put it into Blender I’d be happy.

yeahh man i like the idea…sooo where do we go from here? who can we we talk to about helping us make a little script - should i do a petition? a poll? i WISH i could code or script, but im still too green at blender…

<oh, tracing an object is probably kinda CAD related (sorry artists) - as in tracing and snapping to parts of 2d plans…but i use blender for non CAD stuff too honest> :wink: