Just read.

One thing I have noticed is that just about every kid (ages 8-15) want’s to make a video game, but they don’t know how to and they don’t want to spend ($100-500) on a program. So I send them to Blender, tell them its easier then a lot of other programs but has a downside, can’t do everything you want it to do.

However they still will use Blender, but just get angry and delete it after(1-3months) .
Then they would come back to it, but before they ever download it, I tell them this: “You will have to learn how to use this, It’s not going to be that easy but it’s well worth it.” Some listen, some don’t.

I do refer them to BlenderArtist, youtube and www.tutorialsforblender3d.com, (Although BlenderArtist is way better.) but they just don’t get how to do this or that cause there are inpatient. But If they find a video on how to do this or that, then there more happy (Some of them anyway).

So here it comes, 90% of my friends a BIG gamer’s and want to make there own game, I say use Bender to begin with and they do, but then they need help (I don’t see them everyday so I’ts kinda hard to teach them…) and I just can’t give it to them that easy.

So here is my point: For noob/newbies (However you want to call them) that don’t read, they need help with coloring pictures that tell them how to do this or that, or just a video. However most videos are for 2.49 so you can’t really do anything with that… Back to the point: they need help, a lot of help. So do I, but I want to help them out, but how If I don’t know that much in Blender (I know a lot just not like you guys/girls) so it makes it hard to help them and myself.

So if you guys would not mind, you guys just make a thread with useful 2.56&up videos? (This is not just for me, its for my friends.)

Yes I know some of you might just say “There is a search tab.” but most of my friends want videos not text (Me I don’t care) (Most of them don’t like reading…)

But as I can, I help them out with the basic movement and logics. (Some texturing and misc stuff, but mostly I just teach the things I know I can’t be wrong about.)


Don’t ask…:eyebrowlift2:

I have two video tutorial series that cover the development of two basic games in the blender game engine:

Turret Defense - using logic bricks only (starts from the very beginning)
Tunnel Runner - using python (more complex, but explained in relative detail)

I also do weekly tutorial requests on my site (relevant links can be found in my signature), and I also have other video tutorials available there.

Thank you Goran.

If you are looking for some video tutorials, http://cgcookie.com/blender/ has some (including some on the BGE).

Somehow this sounds like: “I do not want to read the book, I will wait for the movie …” ;).

Game development is not like playing games. Usually you can play games without even have a look at the users manual.
But this is because a lot of people spend a lot of time to design the game like that. This people are the game developers :D.
Blender is not a game you have to read the documents first.

The available resources for game development are limited. Tutorials are usually done as the tutor likes it or he thinks it fits most.
The reader might prefer one form of tutorials above the others. In open source it is more a question what is available.

The resource forum is a great source for any kind of tutorials. As usually they are categorized by topic not by media.

Old tutorials belong to older versions. That does not invalidate them. It just means there is more work to do to transfer this knowledge to the newer versions.

Look, I admit that even I wanted to make a game like crysis when I was like 10, but I did realize after a few hours that I would have to learn the program and game design first. So, these kids must be utterly brain dead. I blame it on the education system. In south africa, the teachers tell you that nothing is possible without putting effort into it (or nothing is possible at all XD), whereas in other countries they are taught that “miracles will happen” which is bull. This is what happens when you put more faith in hope than yourself.


hamstaq is right, your Friends as you describe them sound very ignorant. If they don’t want to read, they neglect most of what makes Game Development if you are a Designer of any Kind or a Coder, which would mean that they could neither make the Base nor the deep Matter – all Left is Sounds and Graphics, so then they shall make Music Videos.
If they want to create their own virtual Worlds but have it as easy as playing a Game, then I think they will be better off just playing Minecraft or something similar.

I agree with most of the responses here.
I started programming at about 10. Im 35 now, and programming in general has been my hobby for years. Nothing was handed to me. If you want it bad enough, go get it. Your lucky these days to even have “youtube”, and so many resources available EVERYWHERE. While I admit, for some reason, blender seems to stump me more than I thought it would, I still keep digging, reading, asking for information. Dont get me wrong, it would be nice if everything was spelled out, but it is not.

Basically, it seperates the boys from the men. If you want it go get it.

99% of making a game is communication.

  1. Finding out how to make the game (reading, films etc)
  2. Discussing your ideas with other people
  3. Writing down and finalising your idea
  4. Communication your idea to team members (if you do team projects)
    And so on

If people can’t be bothered to do #1, then how can they expect to do more. Without planning games never are completed, and planning requires writing and discussion.

First of all, I LOVE READING!!! But my friend John (13yr old) does NOT like reading… :confused: So this thread is for him, not me (cause I have seen all of those videos).

And as sdfgeoff said, I agree with that.

As for me, if I need help. I just go on google and google it. (But if there was a book…)

Hey MouseDroid,

show him this thread … and watch him exploding ;).

Damn I’m mean today …
if he does not read this … he can’t proof me wrong :evilgrin:

I teach 3DS Max to adults who mostly have never done anything in a 3D graphics program. There’s one thing I tell them I always tell them right at the beginning.

“You need to learn to love the process.”

I tell this this because as I discovered when I started out (15 years ago), expecting instant results is an exercise in frustration.

“Hello World!”

You can lead a horse to water… hey you did your part introducing blender to your friend. Now he needs to start his journey. Game design and Indie Game production is no simple task , as we all learn we have to become wizards of sorts to tame this black art.
Sounds like your friend needs an AudioBook.

Game developement is a high level art. It does not resume to know how to use the tool (BGE).
The first time I followed a BGE tutorial, I made a small run through game, and though " hmm, now I can make all my dream games…", and started with CoS. 3 years later, I’m still learning, not only to use the tool to my advantage, but also to design and organize the design process.
It’s like building a robot. You know how to weld and bolt, and how to program and wire the internal circuitry, but you need a good plan, lot’s of discipline and a lot of focus, patience, perseverance.
Unless these kids have some natural or built mature quality and clairvoyance, they wont be making any games, even if they learn to use the BGE.

So, yeah, to make games, the teens need to become game developers, Blender and the BGE are just tools, and not even the main ones. Game are generated in the mind, planted in the paper and born in the screen.

I have many tutorials on my youtube channel, all 2.5 and up. :slight_smile: Link is in my signature.

There are hundred of videotutorials, SOME of them really good, and maybe this is the problem. A begginer can spend hours watching tutorials and maybe it is a waste of time because tutorials are not good or not for a begginer.

Maybe we can do a list with “tutorials series” and vote for them, to help begginer to chooser where to start.

I do 30 tutorials from 0 to “not bad game maker”, but in spanish. Tutorials are in order of difficulty, to help people introduce in the blender’s world. I’ve a website and a comunity in spanish. I know that everybody that make a tutorial don’t want or can’t make a website, that’s why I think would be a good idea some kind of recopilation post for tutorials.


A big part of learning just about anything involves reading about it. I think your friend John needs to make a choice… learn to enjoy reading (or at least do it anyway) or forget about education of any kind, self-taught or otherwise, Blender or whatever.

I’m not trying to be mean-spirited; it’s just the way the world works these days.

-Ron T.

I agree with you Rivit.

Okay thanks guys, I think this will be enough for him.