Just some goofing around.

Some 2-d art I did a while back to share.

Whoa… Those are some good drawings. First is definitely my favorite.

yep, to be honest you pretty much destroyed an excellent, well rendered sketch with cheap-o nasty over saturated, noisy, confusing and generic photoshop work.

Sorry, boneaxe, but I really do have to agree with this.

Your last few images really removed all the hard work you put into the original drawing. A lot is lost in the process no doubt, unfortunately.

On the bright side, excellent work on the drawing! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comments. I did these a while back and I do see your point. It was one of my first tries using Adobe and a program called Micrographics. Now I’m hooked on Blender so I kinda stopped working in 2-d other than drawing.