Just Started! ( My first 3D Model ) {Cycles}

Even though this is my first real 3D Model i am kind of pleased by the Result. Still, i know that things that could be done better. ( Sorry for not being able to give a Wire -Cycles )

I am already happy to see your Critique and hope to improve fast so i am able to call myself a Pro soon aswell.

Additional Information:

Verts: 392908
Faces: 392432
Objects: 8/8
Lamps: 3/3

Only used Standard Materials

Thx, for reading my Post. :3

pretty darn good for an early work
(edit) whoops, forget i was in the focused critique forum, adding critique now:
the edges on the holes could be crisper, also the blade should look sharper imo. a normals map with a ‘honed’ texture as if scratched by a sharpening stone could be good. also, the tip seems a little blunt, but I’m not sure if it is meant to be or not.
(edit) also a reflection map along the edges could produce the same kind of effect, maybe a bit better.

Thx for the fast Reply and the Critique ^^, i’ll try Texturing and Reworking it a bit, but for now i’ll have to go to Work XD

Impressive blade.
The handle looks a little thin though… especially at the base.
Did you plan for the chain just go around the blade like that or you actually planning to wrap it around it?

Keep it up

thx bro ^^ i was planning for the chain to go around like that, since the blade is kinda “floating”.

And yeah xD the handle really looks kinda thin now that you mentioned it xD

I’ll start a new Project in about 1-2 Days as soon as my Wacom Intuos 5 Touch L arrives ^^, I’ll Post Updates as soon as it is finished :smiley:

It’s great work. The shine on the blade, in my opinion, is too bright. And, as CG-Predator said, the blade looks a bit thin