Just started...

Hello everybody.
I just started using Blender. Some people at another forum (Gimptalk.com) suggested it, and my brother comes here sometimes. (Lipton_Lover) So is there any tutorial for literally beginners? I don’t even know how to move the camera… (I use mac btw)

Hi cyrilshark, welcome to the forums!

There are a lot of blender tutorials out there and plenty are aimed at the complete beginner. I was in the same boat as you are about 4 months ago!

What I found most useful was the blender wikibook, located here. It takes you through what the program can do, step by step, from beginner to advanced tutorials. Blender can do A LOT of things, so you’ll probably find yourself gravitating towards a certain aspect (modelling, animation, games, etc).

Another good resource is the blender.org site which contains the blender manual and a bunch of tutorials. Blender Newbies is also a great place to learn and has just come out with a tutorial DVD which looks to be excellent.

Stay patient with blender and it’ll pay off! Try to learn things from watching your brother also. There are a lot of things that a beginner doesn’t know that are extremely simple for a more advanced user.

Good Luck and post your progress!

Here are some good beginning tutorials that should get you started



Welcome to BlenderArtists.Org!

Thanks a lot guys. I’ll probably go more towards modeling, rendering, etc. because I do mostly Computer Graphics. (i.e GiMP)
I look forward to my stay here!