Just totally lost...walkcycle and weird weightpainting

Hey guys, ive been working on this character for a week and i have two problems. One is that i cant figure out why two points on the front of the body dont seem to follow the armature even though they are 100% weighted to the bones and the second problem is i cant seemt to get the stride for a walkcycle to work, its always sliding and skipping. I was following this tutorial for the walk cycle


And i dont know what Ive screwed up or how to fix it. Ive attached a blend so people can check it out and let me know how to fix it - be gentle , its my first real attempt at “proper” animation with armatures. :confused:

Thanks in advance for having a look :smiley:

P.S. i know the deformations are ugly too, but thats the least of my worries right now


Girl Walkcycleblend2.blend (368 KB)

I have not spent much time on you blend file, but I can say two things :

1 - I have not seen any vertex not following the armature,so the weighting seems to be good.

2 - You are using Stride path (which is rather a deprecated feature : Use the Method with curves guides and modifiers instead), but you haven’t created and defined a stride bone.

I’ve done few character animation so far, so a better animator probably could give you a better advice…

I hope these infos will help you.


Thanks Roubal :smiley:

Ill look into using stride bones and see if i can work out the weightpainting thing myself - there was two points on the front of the torso that end up getting dragged through the body and out the back when the character walks.

Thanks again for checking it out Roubal