Just want to clarify this lighting / multiple layers question

Ok say I have the following and I’m refering to the 20 layers you can put things on, not render layers:

  1. objects 1 ( a building) is on layer 1 … also 2 lights and sun is also on layer 1

  2. object 2 (a character) is on layer 2 (nothing else lighting wise is on this layer)

  3. object 3 (a chair) is on layer 3 ( nothing else lighting wise is on this layer)

Assuming that I have all 3 of those layers highlighted ( the layer boxes next to the transform icons)
Is the sun and the 2 lights from layer 1 also giving light to the objects on layer 2 and 3?

Or do I have to tell each light and the sun to effect those other layers manually?

The lights will affect the layers that are activated unless you select the “this layer only” option for the light, but I think that only works with BI at this time.

Thanks Rich… I also have some HDRI lighting, and I knew that was affecting all layers, but I just wanted to double check on the lights.

yes, you only need to share the light between layers when your previewing renders of seperate layers, seperatly. as in, your in preview render mode and need to look at a layer, then you would need the light in that layer (M> shift select layer to share objects in layers. in case you didn’t know already)

Thanks for the clarification Rich and Smalltroll … I’m going to mark this one solved