Just wondering

Whats the age group of users of blender or any other software like that, i mean, the ages of people using it or members of the forum?

There have been a number of threads about this before, unfortunately you won’t fine them, because “age” and “old” are both ignored by phpbb’s search engine. :frowning:

Maybe someone still remembers the exact titles.

Just for the record: I’m 18.


Read all about it. %|


awww c’mon its not all that bad, twice a year, with new users and new ages, its an update, people who were 16 in a thread 3 years ago could be 19 now.

but uh, only thing that really isnt right is not stating the question in the thread ‘Just wondering’ is the type of thread hardly anybody will notice, or people check and go o_O… and then its locked =P

welp, I’m 19, and to answer your question vaguely i know the age varies here largely, 12-13 im sure up to some in their 50’s. I’d say the consistant average now must be somewhere around 23. maybe a bit older or younger, but thats highly averaged ofcourse =)

Then you just look at the post date and do the math from there. Not that difficult I hope. %|