K-3D alpha 2 released

From mailing list of K-3D:


Here’s a new alpha release with its bug fixes and
enhancements, thanks to the users and developers of

Special greetings to Wladyslaw and Manuel for all
their contributions.

A few scenes and animations are already in the
gallery, any nice or fun looking items are welcome.

Let’s go with the great new features:

  • Shift+click on a visibility or selection box in the
    hierarchy toggles all the object’s children

  • rotate, sphereize, scale, bulge, twist, slant and
    taper tool now have an extended dialog to set the
    transformation center

  • Wladyslaw permitted bitmap change on the fly,
    texture is now on by default (camera option), he also
    fixed GPP which is now used as shader preprocessor:
    every user will be able to use external shaders (there
    are a few more shader links on K-3D web site)

  • mirror tool now flips paths

  • channel cursor X value is now editable

  • pixel sample values (RIB rendering) are set to 3,
    but stay at 1 for preview

Excuse me:

The link is: