Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Wanted to have a go at modeling Ikoma’s jet gun from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Here’s what it looks like so far.



Added subsurf and applied a basic texture.

Did some more work on the texture to make it look more worn. Didn’t want anything too realistic looking to keep a somewhat anime feel to it. Looking at the render I think the metal might be a bit too shiny compared to the rest of the gun.

Nice work so far. Some of the parts look quite thin or too long, the weapon in the show seems be more rugged.


Thanks for your feedback, I agree that I need to make it more rugged, I’ll be learning how to use maps soon so that I can really put some damage on to it.

Edit: Also, would you be able to point out which parts look out of proportion?

The black pipes are too thin, the middle of the large barrel is thicker than the front in back in the show, the front “grip” with the yellow stuff is more square in the show and the rear grip or handle is shorter and thicker…in the show.

That’s what i see at first glance.

Took what you said in to consideration and got this.
I scaled the pipes up by 20% and the middle part of the metal up by 35%
I’ve realised that if I want to make the pipe parts any bigger I’ll have to re-position them but to do so I would have to change the texture. So I’ll move on to that when I have more time.
I also played around with the metal material but I don’t like how it’s come out.
Edit: Also made the end of the metal part longer

I haven’t much experience in 3d modelling but when i did art classes we were told to use piece of an object as reference to judge the sizes of the other parts.

You could use the black pipes as reference. Example would be that the middle pipe is around 4 black pipes thick, the front and back pipe is around 2 or 2 and a half black pipes. You can keep going on like this to get a rough estimate of the different sizes of the parts.