kaerhon's sketchbook

[EDIT] i replace the first pic with a new one, for the thread preview pic, the old one is below
[edit] i deleted the two other pics of the post, for thumbnailing rightfully.


I’ve been a blender user for some years, startins with the 2.3x series, stopping just before 2.5 release, and coming back 2-3 years after. (i was not much interested in 3D at that time, more drawing, and digital painting) And then i came back 2 years ago, just before the discover of sculptris that made me love 3D again. And coming back to Blender, i tried to understand it again. I guess i understand what i do. But there’s far more things to be done with blender than i do, so… :slight_smile:

I just saw the sketchbook section, that was something that i was longing for (wip zone the closest one), so i make mine, here.
i’ve always thought what i do didn’t deserve to open a topic. But as sketchbook section opens, things change. So I open one. And with the opening, i put some images. Mostly sculpts, maybe classical modeling. all done in the last year.

Thank you for watching.


Some more old things, to feed the thread, and make it grow a little, so there’s something to see

Wonderful posts!!
Keep posting. Excellent tread!

powerful. These sketchbooks are amazing.

Amazing work here. I really like the stone heads. Those are very neat to see.

Thanks dudes.
I can’t do many stuff as i’m working for my exams, but in several days, there’s gonna be new stuff.
now, old stuff.

game stuff:


and something unrelated.

The brain-headed thing looks like something ripped out of the Doom video game.

I especially like that first image (the small scale landscape), it looks so realistic and rocky, yet almost has a paper-like quality to it, which I find to be a really interesting blend of realism and abstract.

Don’t have much of an opinion on the second piece though, I’m trying to figure out what it’s supposed to be (which I realize is typical for a lot of ‘modern’ style art pieces).

@Ace Dragon : Yeah, it’s part of something bigger, graffiti-style thing
I don’t know what you mean about “something ripped out of the Doom video game.”

Wicked stuff! I really like the landscape and the sculpts.

Wow! I am truly amazed by all those great renders in this new sketchbook section!

For this sketchbook: the sculpts look great, but I especially like the “pink & purple spaghetti ball” :slight_smile:
Also the graffiti-thingy has this strange quality about it that makes me keep on looking at it. Did you use toon-shaders and/or Freestyle for that?

Those heads are really amazing and remind me of Mignola’s art - fantastic work.

Can I ask you what is your texturing/material process for those?

awesome :smiley:
how in the world did you make that ball thing

Your “little heads” are very intriguing.:wink:
Very interesting works, very eclectic thread.:smiley:

I like them all! :slight_smile:

Re-opened at OP request

Thanks Fweeb!

it’s been a long time without 3D

there’s something, dyntopoed, with its retopo

Some great works in here! Keep it up! :]

Man, these are awesome! Definitely a unique style. Keep posting them!

bonrw1, GISdude, thanks :smiley:

some quick sculpt, more for trying some old grainy NPR material than anything else.