Kal Online

If anybody on this site plays Kal online caould you help me

   I downloaded the game and now it wont start.If I click on the icon the window comes up with the four buttons. I press the start button but nothing happens at all.Its making me furious. I've waited till todays maintnence to try and play but im still getting the same problems. Please help me!!!!!

Maybe this helps:

Well I have seven thuosand bagillondy times the required memory. I closed everything and it still doesnt work. Does the graphic card have to do somthing with it.

What video card do you have?

Any error messages after clicking “start game”?

Note that you have to select a server before starting.

I dont know what vid card I have. No error messages and where are these server on the site or in the game?

Inside the game launcher, you have to select either the Hanin or Naraeha server.

But when I launch the game all I get is a window with A Start Game, Game Options, Website, and Exit button. it alson has a bunch of updates but other wise thats all the only buttons that seem to work are the exit and website buttons.

Do you have DirectX 9.0b installed? (the FAQ has that as minimum and recommended requirement).

The last resort is to re-install the whole thing.

I just installed DirectX 9. Still not working and I already re-installed the game before. I cant think of any more reasons why it wont work/:frowning: :mad: :confused: :frowning: :frowning:

Don’t waste your time. I played this for a week a while back and I can assure you that it’s shit. The English version isn’t even translated right.

here are some much better free games!

Try :
SilkRoad online
MU online
Priston Tale

Return to castle wolfinstein ET (old but lots of players, and a few mods)
GUNZ online (funny as hell! Great action.)

That is all I can think of off the top of my head.
Kai online has verry poor graphics and the game play is verry verry boaring.
Last time i played i only saw 2 other people playing…

Here are some to avoid:
Dofus (gay)

Dofus arena (Extra gay)

Endless online (starts off with a bunch of child like avitars in their underwear, I bet the programmer is a pedofile)

Conquer online (killing all kinds of exotic pretty birds to prove manhood?)

Eternal online (zzzZZZZZzzzzz)

Americas Army (learn how to stand in line, and take orders form 15 year old crackheads)

Tremulous is a free, multiplayer fps and really fun: http://tremulous.net/

I played Kal online for a few days before I gave up. It’s extremely boring.
I’d also like to add America’s Army to the list.
Also check out this list of free games: