i had posted this in the serious works forum Focused critique and it recived no response , i guess nobody there had anything helpfull to say , here is my mech’s head kampher , the project this is for is to see if it is posible to use 3d meshes for traditional comic or manga styled webcomic , the goal is to minimalize artists needs for the writers intent (since im in college thats me and 4 other people with jobs and lives)

here it is in all its glory , and please dont hold back comments


Honestly, and I’m a big fan of mechs of all kinds, it looks like you skimped on the mesh work and tried to put too much into the uvmap and it’s making all the detail hard to see. I’d go back and add more to the mesh and remap it. Plus, were you planning to do the rest of it or just the head? Using a completed model with a toon shader is definitely a viable way to cut down your production time for traditional comic book art, but there would be a substantial initail amount of time needed to make all your characters, plus any new ones that may show up in later issues. Hope that helps.

I don’t really like the shape of the mesh or the way the texture wraps around it. I don’t know what to suggest though. Sorry.

The red thing (an eye?) looks like goop, now that I think about it. It doesn’t go well with the Mech feel. I’d make the shape flatter and give it a solid color.

this was all done in 3 hours , so i didnt expect anyone to think it was a bottochelli , the model took 45 min and the mapping took the 2 hours in mspaint(even bumpmap was in paint , and rendering
the body isint finished yet and im still working on it . i am planning on redoing the head since it seems the community thinks it sucks , and ill use this head as a reference , since it needs to maintain most of the features it has now because this directly looks like the had drawn scetch of the artist who drew it