Kaneda's Bike

(Enos Shenk) #1

Ive always loved the design of this bike (from the anime film Akira for those of you who dont know) and ive just recently gotten skilled enough to build it, since its all very odd shapes.

I know the shading is terrible but im just roughing out the design and getting all my parts in place, then ill go through and fix the bugs.

For a great page on how this is intended to look, check out http://www.burningart.com/meico/motoproto/akira.html

Updated the pic today 2:36 or so to this. Fake envmap so dont even say it sucks, i know it does :slight_smile:


(bg3D) #2

Woot! That pretty alright. I love Akira!

(Riskbreaker) #3


heheheā€¦man I loved that movie. Thats lookin pretty good, a little low-poly, but it looks good.

(Enos Shenk) #4

Ah its a pretty angled piece of work in the middle areas. The front and back are curvalicious. Ill probly get it finished pretty soon.